IPT® Rail
electrifies industrial processes: Mobile electrification systems are powered via the principle of electromagnetic induction. IPT® Rail is a contactless power transfer system used e.g. in materials handling in production and transport systems. Some examples of our applications:

IPT Rail-b 250

IPT Rail-c 250






  • the first elevator providing power to the cabin by inductive means in Hannover 1999 for the World Expo.
  • inductively powered AGV’s at BMW operating since 2000.
  • an almost exclusive wireless electrification of the material handling systems in the body shop and the general assembly plants of Hyundai Motors Manufacturing Alabama in 2004, including AGV’s, electrified monorail systems and skillet lines.
  • the first IPT applications in parcel sorters, baggage transport in airports and amusement rides.
  • and many more

      For more information see the website of our partner Conductix-Wampfler!