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Buses to test London‘s future transportation

London plans to improve its air quality considerably, least but not last with electrical buses. In 2015 three double-deck range-extended, electric diesel hybrid buses went into service. Two IPT® Charging Stations allow to drive in electric mode for more than 80% of the time over a 20-hour operational day, 7/7. Geo-fencing capabilities allow automatic changes to electric mode at hotspots. The buses travel 11 km between the Charging Stations which are at each end of route 69, at Walthamstow and Cannington. Each bus is equipped with a 61 kWh Lithium ION battery and travels 250 km per day through London’s city traffic.

IPT E-Bus inductive-charging London-10IPT E-Bus inductive-charging London-1162IPT E-Bus inductive-charging London-1363

IPT E-Bus inductive-charging London-1912IPT E-Bus inductive-charging London-2283IPT E-Bus induktiv London 2611