Bristol │UK

Hybrid range-extended buses for a greener city

Being selected European Green Capital in 2015, the city decided to make a new start in public transport: It acquired two brand new double-deck range-extended, electric diesel hybrid buses equipped with geo-fencing capabilities. In air quality management areas the buses are operated fully electric. Switching between hybrid and fully electric mode takes place fully automated, depending on the position of the bus on the route.

The buses connect the city centre with the university where the buses are inductively charged at an IPT® Charging Station. The route leads through city traffic as well as hilly parts. The battery on each bus is a 61 kWh Lithium ION battery which is charged every ~ 26 km.

IPT E-Bus inductive-charging Bristol-10IPT E-Bus inductive-charging Bristol-13IPT E-Bus inductive-charging Bristol-12IPT E-Bus inductive-charging Bristol-11IPT E-Bus inductive-charging Bristol-14IPT E-Bus inductive-charging Bristol-15