Rotorua New Zealand

IPT‘s very first trial in transportation

Full electric shuttle transportation in Rotorua Thermal Park came into service in 1998. The shuttle vehicles operating at Whakarewarewa Rotorua Thermal Park, permit to visit the park and its geothermal wonders all the while leaving nature intact and avoiding emissions. In geothermal sulphur atmosphere charging contacts corrode extremely fast – this is where wireless, inductive charging came in!

Since then, a lot has changed about IPT® Charge installations: While at Rotorua the Charging Station is installed slightly above road surface, today‘s IPT Charging Stations are embedded into the ground, leaving nothing but some markings on the road surface if requested. Charging power and efficiency have increased. IPT Charge bus defines the state-of-the-art today. A legacy born in 1998.

IPT E-Bus inductive-charging Rotorua 21IPT E-Bus inductive-charging Rotorua 22IPT E-Bus inductive-charging Rotorua 23