Gas-hybrid buses converted into full electric buses

Madrid launched its first inductively charged full electric buses, converting hybrid buses into full electric buses

After having tried hybrid buses on the line, the operator of Madrid's bus network EMT decided to go for full-electric and converted them to full electric buses - enhanced with IPT opportunity charging.
Now the inductively charged buses are part of the line 76 and connect Plaza Beata in Madrid's city centre with the district Villaverde in the south of Madrid. The line is 7 km and the buses can recharge at an IPT® Charging Station at each end of the line.  Daily in operation from 6:00 to 24:00 h, the e-buses fullfill their duty thanks to opportunity charging. It is this another proof for the applicability of e-buses equipped with wireless opportunity charging in regular, daily service for long hours with limited battery volumes installed.

IPT E-Bus inductive-charging Bristol-10IPT E-Bus inductive-charging Bristol-13IPT E Bus inductive charging Madrid17IPT E-Bus inductive-charging Bristol-11IPT E Bus inductive charging Madrid12IPT E-Bus inductive-charging Bristol-15